Bach J. S.
Concerto in D minor BWV 1052
Concerto in G minor BWV 1058
Concerto for 3 Harpsichords in D minor BWV 1063

Bartok B.
Sonata for 2 pianos and percussion (orchestral version)

Beethoven L.van
Concerto n°1 op.15 in C Major
Concerto n°3 op.37 in C minor

Chopin F.
Andante spianato and grande polonaise brillante op.22
Concerto n°2 op.21 in F minor

Grieg E.
Concerto in A minor op.16

Gershwin G.
Rhapsodie in blue

Haydn J.
Concerto in D major Hob. XVIII:11

Liszt F.
Concerto n.1 in E-flat Major

Mozart W. A.
Concerto in E flat Major K.271
Concerto in F major K.459
Concerto in C major K.467

Poulenc F.
Concerto “Aubade”

Prokof’ev S.
Concerto n.3 op.26

Rachmaninov S.
Concerto No. 2 in C minor, Op. 18
Rhapsody on a theme of  Paganini

Ravel M.
Concerto in G Major

Schumann R.
Concerto in A minor op.54

Shostakovich D.
Concerto No. 2 in F Major, Op. 102

Piano solo

Bach J. S.
English Suite n°2 in a minor
English Suite n°3 in g minor
French Suite n°5 in G major
French Suite n°6 in E major
Partita n°2 BWV 826 in c minor
The Well-Tempered Piano: selection
Toccata n°7 BWV 916 in G major

Bach J.S. – Busoni F.
Chorale-Preludes: selection

Beethoven L. van
Sonata op.2 n.1 in f minor
Sonata op.2 n.3 in C major
Sonata op.22 in B flat major
Sonata op.31 n.3 in E flat major “The tempest”
Sonata op.53 in C major “Waldstein”
Sonata op.109 in E major

Brahms J.
Three Intermezzi op.117
Variations on a theme by Paganini op.35 (II book)

Chopin F.
Andante spianato et grande polonaise brillante op.22
Ballade n.1 in G minor op.23
Ballade n.2 in F major op.38
Ballade n.4 in F minor op.52
Berceuse op.57 in D flat major
Etudes op.10 and op.25: selection
Fantaisie Impromptu op.66
Fantasy in f minor op.49
Rondo op.16 in E flat major
Scherzo n.1 in b minor op.20
Scherzo n.2 in b flat minor op.31
Sonata in b minor op.58
Two Nocturnes op.27
Waltzes: selection

Debussy C.
Children’s corner
Etude n°9 “Pour les notes répétées”
L’sle Joyeuse, L.106
Preludes: selection
Suite bergamasque

Franck C. / Bauer
Prelude, fugue and variations

Ginastera A.
Tres Danzas Argentinas op.2

Granados E.
from Goyescas: n°1 Los requiebros; n.4 Quejas, o la Maja y el Ruiseñor

Haydn J.
Sonata in Hob. XVI/50 in C major

Liszt F.
from Annèes de pelerinage I: Au bord d’une surce
from Annèes de pelerinage II: Petrarch Sonnet 104, Venezia e Napoli
from Annèes de pelerinage III: Jeux d’eau à la ville d’Este
Concert etude n°2 “Gnomenreingen”
Fantasy Paraphrase from Verdi’s “Rigoletto”
Mephisto-Waltz n°1
Sonata in b minor
Gretchen an spinrade (F. Schubert)
Widmung (R. Schumann)

Mendelssohn F. B.
Lieder ohne Worte op.85 (complete)
Etudes op.104

Mozart W. A.
Fantasy KV 397 in d minor
Sonata KV 332 in F major
Sonata KV 576 in D major

Prokof’ev S.
Three Klavierstuke op.96
Sonata n°7 op.83 in B flat major

Rachmaninoff S.
Etudes-tableaux op.33 (complete)
Etude tableux op.39 nn.6, 7
Preludes op.32: selection
Moment musicaux op.16 n.4
Suite from Bach Partita in E major for violin BWV 1006

Ravel M.
Jeux d’eau
La valse

Respighi O.
Six pieces

Rossini G.
Prélude blagueur

Satie E.
Je te veux

Scarlatti D.
Sonatas: selection

Schostakovich D.
Preludes and Fugues op.87: selection

Schubert F.
Impromptu op.90 n° 2 in E flat major, n°4 in a flat minor
Impromptu op.142 n°4 in f minor
Sonata in c minor D.960

Schumann R.
Arabesque op.18
Carnaval op.9
Faschingsschwank aus Wien op.26
Kinderszenen op.15
Kraisleriana op.16
Sonata n°2 op.22 in g minor

Scriabin A.
Preludes op.11: selection
Etudes op.42: selection
Two Poemes op.32
Sonata Fantasie n.2 op.19
Sonata n.5 op.53

Chamber music


Bassi L. Concert Fantasia on motives from“Rigoletto” by G. Verdi

Bozza E. Fantasie italienne

Brahms J. Sonata op.120 n.1 in F minor
Sonata op.120 n.2 in E flat major

Debussy C. Rhapsodie

Honegger A. Sonatina

Poulenc F. Sonata

Rota N. Sonata in D major

Schumann R. Three Romances op.94


Danzi F. Sonata op.28
Sonata op.44

Strauss F. Nocturne op.7


Bach J. S. Sonata n.4 in C major

Beethoven L.van Serenata op.41 in D Major for flute and piano

Borne F. Carmen” Fantasy

Casella A. Siciliana e burlesca

Donizetti G. Sonatina in C major

Doppler A. F. Fantaisie Pastorale Hangroise op.26

Enescu G. Cantabile and Presto

Fauré G. Fantasy op.79

Franck C. Sonata in A minor

Gaubert F. Orientale

Hindemith P. Sonata

Martin F. Ballade

Martinu B. First Sonata

Piazzolla A. Histoire du Tango

Poulenc F. Sonata

Prokofiev Sonata op.94

Reinecke C. Sonata “Undine” op.167

Ravel M. Habanera

Rietz J. Sonata op.42 in G minor

Schubert F. Trockne Blumen” variations

Widor Ch. M. Suite for flute and piano


Guilmant A. Morceau symphoniques

Martin F. Ballade


Brahms J. Sonata op.120 n.1 in F minor

Sonata op.120 n.2 in E flat major

Schumann R. Adagio and Allegro op.70

Three Romances op.94


Beethoven L.van Sonata  in D major op.12 n.1
Sonata op.47 in A Major “A Kreutzer”

Bloch E. Sonata n.1

Brahms J. Sonata n.1 op.78

Dvorak A. Sonatina op.100

Fauré G. Romanza op.28

Franck C. Sonata in A major

Kreisler F. La vida Breve (M. De Falla)

Mozart W. A. Sonata in G major K.301
Sonata in E minor K.304
Sonata in G major K.379
Sonatain B flat major K.454

Ravel M. Sonata n.2

Rota N. A sentimental devil

Saint-Saens C. Introduction and Rondò capriccioso op.28

Schnittke A. Sonata n.1


Beethoven L.van Sonata in g minor for Cello and Piano op.5 n.2
Sonata in A Major for Cello and Piano op.69

Brahms J. Sonata in E minor op.38
Sonata op.99 in F major

Chopin F. Sonata op.65

Franck C. Sonata in A major

Rachmaninov S. Sonata op.19

Schumann R. Adagio and Allegro op.70


Bach J. S. Sonata for flute, violin and piano S. 1038

Bartok B. Sonata for two pianos and percussion

Beethoven L.van Trio “Ghost” op.70 n.1

Bolling C. Suite n.2 for flute and Jazz Piano Trio

Brahms J. Quartet in G minor op.25

Bruck M. Pieces op.83 for clarinet, viola and piano

Chausson E. Chanson perpetuelle for two violins, viola, cello, chant and piano op.37

Dvorak A. Slavonic Dances op.72 for piano four hands

Fauré G. Quintet in d minor op.89

Haydn J. Trio Hob. XV:25 in G major “Gypsy”

Mozart W. A. Trio for clarinet, viola and piano K.498 “Kagelstatt”
Sonata in D major K.381 for piano four hands

Rachmaninov S. Six pieces op.11 for piano four hands
Suite n°2 op.17 for two pianos

Schonfield P. Café Music per viola, cello and piano

Schumann R. Maerchenerzaehlungen op.132 for viola, clarinet and piano

Schubert F. Divertissement à l’hogroise for piano four hands
Fantasie in F minor for piano four hands

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